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                                                      WHY CHOOSE US? 

We have a reputation for providing great care and attention to detail, so whether your project requires painting a single residential property or an entire commercial building, our Sydney based painter and decorator team has the experience and work force to complete the job.

The quality of our service that we provide has helped us gain strong relationships with our commercial and residential customers. 

Our relationships with our clients are based on trust and positive feedback, with a high satisfactory level. Direct Painters focus directly on providing customers with quality and well organised workmanship. At Up Class Painters, we focus on what's right for our customers, not what's right for us.

That's why choosing the right painters and decorators in London to carry out your project is crucial. We guarantee to keep our customer's satisfied by not only listening clearly to their specifications but also delivering them, on time and to a very high standard.


To provide professional painters and decorators for residents and business by individual requirements. We supply the most flexible residential & commercial painting and decoration services as per your requirements. We ensure first-class residential & commercial painting services at reasonable prices with the flexibility nature. Most important for us is to pay attention to your individual needs and to provide the most appropriate services on time. Thus, you can customise painting and decoration services from our professionals in Sydney.



Innovative to implement various visual ideas using high-quality materials as well as and creating new working methods and styles. By using high-quality materials in the industry, we can apply the most innovative visual ideas according to our clients' expectations and needs. We are happy to learn and use the latest working styles to support customers properly. Our former clients love our working methods and techniques because of innovative ideas and our commitment.



Reliable to do the work and share a good advice how to create a cosy atmosphere for individual expectations. Our company supplies the most reliable residential & commercial painting and decoration services at the lowest possible prices across Sydney. We discuss with clients and share our ideas. We give attention to requirements of clients and suggest the most suitable issues on time. As a result, we can create the cosy atmosphere as per expectations and budget of our customers.


We at Up Class Painting Pty.Ltd understand the importance of your  painting project – it represents an emotional as well as a financial investment! In order to protect your painting venture, we will offer you a 5 year workmanship warranty! With our warranty, your newly painted surfaces are covered for any blistering, bubbling or cracking that emerge due to faulty surface preparation as well as faulty paint application. Conditions do apply^, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions if needed!


















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