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 Up Class Painting  a progressive painting company opened in Sydney 2001 by founder and owner Leo Hujdur to combine our expertise in Europe with skills &knowledge over 25 years in painting  industry.


 By maintaining only the highest quality of work Up Class Painting  continues to bring European standards of  quality  workmanship and  trading to the elite of the painting and decorating industry.

​Up Class Painting has established an impressive portfolio of past work consisting of residential new and heritage homes, government buildings, restaurants, industrial buildings, retail shops, commercial buildings, and other  facilities, large scale units, fire and water damage restoration, wood and render restoration. ​

Up Class Painting has earned its reputation and is respected for attention to detail and quality of work. The philosophy of Up Class Painting has been to maintain the highest level of integrity with clients and deliver results while using the finest products available. Additionally, we are personally involved in every aspect of every job from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on keeping our word and ensuring that projects stay on schedule and within budget.

  Up Class Painting Communication Promise!!!

Gone are the days when tradesmen barrel into your home, leaving you with little idea of what’s going on in your own home, or making you feel that you can’t ask.

It’s your home, so we want to hear from you.

That’s why we take the time throughout the job to walk you through what we are doing and to let you inspect and approve the quality of each stage of the job. We ask that you personally sign off on each stage, so we can be sure that the project is coming along exactly as you've envisioned. And we'll send you an emailed copy of each stage sign off, so you have a permanent record of your project with you at home.

It’s called the Up Class Communication Promise. Because when it comes to your home, no one’s opinion is more important than yours, and we want to hear it, every step of the way.

         Our Standards


Up Class Painting owner, Leo, is personally involved in each project from start to finish. Under his watchful eye and attention to detail, has maintained his company's reputation for quality and results. It goes without saying that our standards of business practice are among the highest in the industry and emulate the integrity and core values of its owner. For more information, please call us at 1300 503 323.

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